Vote Results

Congratulations to all of the 2011 #BTVSMD winners!

You were voted on by your local peers because of your excellent use of social networks to share, engage, and participate in Burlington and neighboring social media communities. These people, businesses and organizations have at least one thing in common: they share and respond to content and commentary on a regular basis via Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Videos, Photos, Location, etc – on multiple channels, and using local signals like the #btv #bvt and #vt hash tags.

2011 #BTV Social Media King Shay Totten and Queen Nicole Ravlin

2011 #BTV Social Media King Shay Totten and Queen Nicole Ravlin


1. King: Shay Totten 44.2%

2. Queen: Nicole Ravlin 28.3%

3. Non-Profit: Spectrum VT 25%

4. Business: Outdoor Gear Exchange: 19.9%

5. Resto: Handy’s Lunch 26.3%

6. Politician: Ed Adrian 51.1%

7. Comedian: Ed Shepard 31.7%

8. Social Web Geek: Gahlord Dewald 30.8%

9. Outdoors, Adventure, Ski Resort: VT State Parks 34.2% @vtstateparks

10. Lodging, Farm Winery: Shelburne Farms 39.7%

11. Social Foodie: Alice Levitt 49.7%

12. Artist, Band, Creative: Phineas Gage 37.9%

13. Life in VT: 802 the App 54.8%

14. Wider influence: Gahlord Dewald: 34.7%

15. Print Media: Shay Totten 58.6%

16. TV Personality: Tom Messner 63.4%

17. RADIO / DJ: Jane Lindholm 56.7%

18. Blogger: Dana Freeman 38.3% @missmagpiefgs

19. Most write-in votes (Blogger): Joshua Becker (133 votes) @joshua_becker

20. Most write-in votes (King): David Farré (63 votes)

There were many, MANY write-in votes for all categories. Some interesting people you may not have seen in your social sphere…yet. We’ll post those soon.

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