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Has that ever happened to you that you were on an important call, and something in the background from your side made it very disturbing and irritated the other person on the call too, or vice versa?

This happens to all of us, but it is bearable if it is some personal call. However, these background voices impart an awful impression of you and your company in professional calls.

This happened to me a lot when I was not using Krisp. It was always too loud outside my house due to one reason. Even closing all doors and windows tightly packed houses didn’t work for me, and taking professional calls became a burden. I have also mentioned coupons and promo codes for Krisp on this website.

For all this to make sense, let me tell you some things about me. I own 3 call centers in the US. There was a time when I just started my call center; since my business mostly targets other countries except for the US, the time difference made the working hours go crazy.

Many-a-times I had to work from home. That time living in that house with much noise from the outside made it impossible for me to take calls inside the house, and I avoided that by taking calls only at the office.

After a few months of doing this, I learned about Krisp. Stopping background voices from the background for calls was exactly what I needed back then and sometimes even today. I bought a new house today in a peaceful neighborhood, but I couldn’t afford it. But what I could afford was at that time, too, was Krisp.

How Are We Special?

When I needed it, Krisp helped me a lot. Here I am writing on this website to help you, my readers, so that you can understand how good a platform like Krisp can help you attend calls without any disturbance, especially in a time like the COVID pandemic most offices are promoting work from home.

As mentioned earlier, I have 3 call centers, all of which are presently working from home, and I have provided all my staff with the Krisp software, and I have got all positive reviews from their side till now.

I have mentioned all the necessary information about Krisp to make an informed decision on this website, including Krisp review, coupon, and promo codes, its features, and many more.  

I have written on this site about Krisp because I wanted to make sure my readers can use the best out of the software that I take advantage of all the time.

More About The Author – Darin Casner

Darin Casner

The author of this website is Darin Casner, and he owns 3 call centers in the US. He financially struggled a lot throughout his career but later landed on being a successful businessman. He also owns this website and shares important information with his readers.

He also loves traveling. He is fond of traveling to different parts of the world. This majorly includes hills and hiking.

Darin is also an active contributor in other projects such as: AffiliateBay, GizmoBaseWPCrewDesignSkewCrazyThemes, and Expert Hoot.