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Take 10% OFF Promo Sale over Bionic Turtle

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Enjoy The Chance to get 35% Off on All Orders

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Save Up To 30% On All Orders

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FAQs | Bionic Turtle Black Friday

🤨 Is a bionic turtle good for FRM?

Bionic Turtle the most inexpensive FRM prep guides obtainable in the market. Bionic turtles provide a wide variety of alternatives and time to get the right to use the program, Bionic Turtle’s guides provide the great universal price out of the guides in the market.

🤔 How hard are FRM exams?

The FRM Exam could be very quantitative, and the syllabus takes a whole lot of time to excel. More individuals fail Part I than clear it, and slightly half of the people who take Part II clear it. Hardly, 25 percent of people who sign in for the examination turns out to be clearing each part.

🤫 Bionic-turtle or Prepsmarter? Which one is better for FRM preparation?

PrepSmarter is the software that presents you with just the set of questions. On the other hand, the bionic turtle offers you every resource to top the examination. Bionic turtles are a quality useful resource to have for FRM.

🤔 Why do retailers offer products at such low prices?

Retailers provide merchandise at such low costs, as their income margins will boom whilst the goods are bought in such tremendous quantity. It is likewise used as a manner of creating room for brand new stock, through supplying distinctly low costs of the older stock.

🤭 What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the next Monday that comes after Bionic Turtle Black Friday, it was started by advertising groups to influence the population to purchase on the web. Related reductions and offers are provided on the internet.

👉 Are the offers/deals only available in shops?

No, several identical reductions and offers also are extensively found on the internet. With heaps of incredible offers online, purchasing withinside the comfort of your own house may be an amazing thing to keep away from the crowds and the long queues in front of few stores.

🤙 What are ‘Doorbusters’?

A ‘Doorbuster' is a selected object or choice of gadgets presented at a unique cut-price rate for a confined quantity of time. The gadgets are generally extraordinarily confined and are just provided to the first few limited quantities of clients.

🤨 What Is combines several brilliant discounts from the sales at the end of November withinside the United Kingdom onto one website online so that clients can without any problems discover and evaluate the best-priced gadgets. was made for the ones residing withinside the United Kingdom because the outlets indexed on the website are all primarily based withinside the UK.

In this blog, I am going to share Bionic Turtle Black Friday Deal 2021.

Are you seeking to clear your FRM exams in the first attempt efficiently? Then you have found the right spot.

I know the FRM (Financial Risk Manager Designation) is a very well-acknowledged and valued certification around the globe in terms of the financial risk management profession.

There is a Bionic Turtle Black Friday Sale 2021 coming for you which you must consider if you are an FRM aspirant.

Ongoing Offers On Bionic Turtle Black Friday 2021

  • Basic Plan

Basic Plan Regular price Discounted price
Part 1 $249 per year $199 per year
Part 2 $249 per year $199 per year
Part 1 and 2 $399 per year $299 per year
  • Advanced Plan

Advanced Plan         Regular price Discounted price
Part 1 $349 per year $299 per year
Part 2 $349 per year $299 per year
Part 1 and 2 $599 per year $499per year
  • Professional Plan

Professional  Plan Regular price Discounted price
Part 1 $449 per year $399 per year
Part 2 $449 per year $399 per year
Part 1 and 2 $799 per year $699 per year

How to Use Bionic Turtle Black Friday Coupons?

By using Bionic turtle Black Friday deals you can save plenty of bucks. To avail of the exciting offers by bionic, follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Go to the main bionic turtle website using the links from this website.
  2. There you would find different schemes, choose the one that you want to purchase.
  3. Click on the buy option.
  4. Make your account there in case if you don’t already have one and fill in all the required information.
  5. Select your preferred mode of transaction and make the payment.
  6. Congratulations! You are done now.

Bionic Turtle Black Friday

Why Trust Bionic Turtle Black Friday?

Searching for coupons is a very confusing and tricky process where you end up on goofy and malicious websites. You can find tons of websites claiming to provide huge discounts and offers, but a handful of them would help you.

If you don’t want to lose your time and money on a fake coupon website that is involved in a scam then you should trust our website.

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Pricing Plans of Bionic Turtle:

Bionic turtle is providing you three packages that offer you assistance for different phases of knowledge requirements.

These three packages are: basic, advanced, and professional. All three packages are priced differently according to the service and your needs. 

On the account of Bionic Turtle Black Friday deal of bionic turtle id offering a $50 cut-price on the purchase of separate parts Part 1 and Part 2.

When bought together for the complete FRM exam, both part1 + part 2, you can get a $100 cut-price during checkout.

The expenses are listed below:


Bionic Turtle coupon code

When you buy separate parts, Part 1 and part 2 you have to pay $249 per year for that. The same you will get $199 per year during the Bionic Turtle Black Friday sale

Buying both parts together i.e. Part 1 + 2 would cost you $399 per year in total. During the Bionic Turtle Black Friday sale 2020, you can get it for just $299 per year.


pricing plans

When you buy Part 1 and part 2 separately, you have to pay $349 per year for that. The same you will get $299 per year during the Bionic Turtle Black Friday sale.

Buying Part 1 + 2 together at the regular price would cost you $599 per year in total. During the Black Friday sale 2020, you can get it for just $499 per year.


bionic turtle books

When you buy separate parts, Part 1 and part 2 at a regular price, you would have to pay $449 per year. You can get the same for $399 per year during the Black Friday sale.

Buying both parts together i.e. Part 1 + 2 would cost you $799 per year normally. During the Bionic Turtle Black Friday sale 2021, you can get it for just $699 per year.

Overview Of Bionic Turtle

Bionic Turtle is one of the companies which started providing FRM coaching to train using visuals and through e-studying.

The company was established by David Harper in the year 2004, still, the proprietor keeps making practice exam papers and mock assessments for the world’s utmost lively FRM discussion board that the company has created.

The main purpose of the bionic turtle is to offer you the finest service at an affordable rate.

They offer you an all-rounded deal with a planner, notes, video tutorial, practice tests, and discussion board so that you can ace your FRM examination.

Bionic Turtle offers an excellent studying experience. The FRM is a self-learn application which makes it smooth for you to plot out your practice plan.

The content they provide is substantial and how they present it would help you get rid of that overwhelming feeling.

Bionic Turtle is a desirable software tool that makes studying a tireless experience.

Video tutorials had been preeminent to make the desired principles crystal clear and emphasizing the approaches wherein you must anticipate those to be examined at the examination.

There is a significant amount of practice papers for every subject matter and the web network that discusses them.

The degree of problem with inside the Bionic Turtle exercises gives a sense of self-assurance to carry out tougher questions in the main assessments.

It is one of the finest FRM lessons providers around the globe which may help you get the FRM certification earlier than you can ever get otherwise. 

This year in their Bionic Turtle Black Friday sale they are letting you get this exceptional deal at the most affordable price ever.

You are going to save plenty of money this time at the Bionic Turtle Black Friday Sale.

You are getting notes, video tutorials, free of cost downloads, quizzes, practice papers, and a lot of other things at a terrific price.  So be ready to seize this doorbuster deal.

Features of Bionic Turtle


frm books


  • Video tutorials

Bionic Turtle’s video tutorials emphasize the utmost critical principles and refine the extra complicated subjects which makes them less complicated to apprehend.


The FRM calls for an excessive degree of quantitative skills.


Many principles are tough to apprehend without visual demonstrations, so the videos assist you to understand the content better. Its first-rate quality videos are colorful and well-made and edited.


Complex principles are defined in a straight and clean manner.


  • Brilliant Study Resources

Its study planner allows the user to form a customized plan and offers him/her a clean manner to bookmark resources.


The study planner is likewise searchable in case you are seeking out data regarding a particular topic.


FRM content consists of practice tests, video tutorials, studying spreadsheets, notes, quizzes, and daily exercises.


  • Question Bank

The massive exercise questions database consists of lots of exercise questions that are constantly updated by the creator David Harper himself.


You can locate lots of doubts on the discussion board. Question Sets are available in PDFs.


  • Huge Community Forum

You may have quite a lot of possibilities to connect to different FRM applicants’ with the help of 30,000+ network discussion boards which the organization is well-known for.


The Bionic Turtle discussion board consists of three fundamental sections: The Office, Financial Risk Manager, and FRM Practice Questions.


The first two are unrestricted to users, however, the exercise questions can only be retrieved through subscription.


  • Access for 1 Year

This is the utmost appealing capabilities of Bionic Turtle’s policy is that you have the right to use the content for a complete year. This ought to be more than sufficient time in case you make a study plan and keep on with it.


A three-month extra time is likewise to be had for an extra charge. I genuinely advise you to join up for a free trial to have a look at the content before you make a decision.

Why do We Recommend Bionic Turtle?

  • Bionic turtle’s internet site is well-structured. This lets you save plenty of time as the whole lot condescends into pleasant readable small portions for you.
  • Otherwise, the content is way too substantial and it might take you loads longer to undergo that and you would possibly lose sight of what’s applicable to pass the examination.
  • Most of those applications include amateur-friendly educational video tutorials that help you and assist you to better understand the syllabus.
  • They additionally make matters clear for you. The FRM curriculum isn’t always the easiest, so greater assistance is needed.
  • Bionic Turtle booms your probability of success. By offering you a targeted examination plan, those preparation guides make certain you’re specialized in what’s crucial to pass the exam.
  • You additionally get the right to use the mock tests, quizzes, subject matter summaries, etc. that each one comes collectively better prepare you for the very main exam.
  • Studying this content will make you ready to excel in the interview as well as in your career.
  • The study matter provided for the course will not just help you with the examination but will also help you afterward.
  • First, you get to learn the theoretical concepts and then about the tools of the trade, and then you get to apply the knowledge gained.

Bionic Turtle Black Friday User Review

Bionic Turtle Black Friday User Review Bionic Turtle Black Friday User Review

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Conclusion | Bionic Turtle Black Friday 2021

The main motive of this company is to offer guides for each individual around the globe who wants to seriously clear the FRM examination.

So if you are one of those then you need to get this. The package is full of splendid useful resources which you must test out. 

Approaching exams can put you under a lot of stress and cause anxiety. That’s when a bionic turtle would come in handy if you invest in it this time.

This Bionic Turtle Black Friday you have a chance to get these different beneficial techniques that you certainly need to crack FRM.

Bionic turtles are going to put tremendous sales this November where you can get these at a considerable amount of discount.

Contact them here for support.

To know more about this website, visit their Blog page here.

Also, connect them on their social pages- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


20% Off
20% Off

Get 20% Off On All Orders Using Bionic Turtle Coup

Get 20% Off On All Orders Using Bionic Turtle Coup

Bionic Turtle, a long-standing FRM course supplier, offers a main planning program for the Financial Risk Management (FRM) confirmation course. David Harper, CEO, and originator of Bionic Turtle propelled the primary adaptation of our site in 2004, offering their first e-learning instructional exercise.

Price:$ 249
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