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If you’re getting tons of traffic right on your WordPress website then you may need a user management plugin. You can simply build attractive forms for the user registrations, user profiles and log in and password reset plugins in order to get more leads and conversions.

But the problem arises here, which plugin you should use in order to build forms that match the brand of your blogs and website. And by doing so you can start getting more leads and conversions too.  

ProfilePress Discount Coupon Code 2021 Upto 20% OFF


In the market, you will find tons of Form Builder Plugins but there’s always pros and cons associated with them. Which you should trust the most?

Don’t worry if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable user & profile Builder Plugin then we have got a perfect solution for you.

ProfilePress is one of the powerful and efficient solutions among all of them in the market.

As here in this post, we are going to do ProfilePress Review 2021 that includes detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

ProfilePress Review 2021: Is It Worth The Hype?

About ProfilePress

Basically, ProfilePress is a powerful and reliable WordPress add-on that generally adds a number of front-end forms to your website or blog easily. The forms included in the login forms, registration, password reset, and profile management.

And in addition to the predefined ProfilePress form templates, with some HTML and CSS, you can even just create your own form designs that appear at the top of your site and it will also match your website brands too. This plugin also allows its users to save, connect and manage their profiles on their customs forms hassle free.


Here the use of front-end forms is designed in order to prevent your users from connecting to the website through the back-end of WordPress, that generally makes the whole user interface more friendly and consistent. And trust me using this strategy one can easily get more leads and conversions as well.

ProfilePress mainly comes with a set of predefined forms that you can use immediately and built your forms from scratch. These forms also allow your visitors to interact with your WordPress website through the front-end of your website instead of through forms and WordPress background pages and that quite impressive.

ProfilePress also includes a form generator that generally lets you create your own custom forms easily. Here when you simply enter your custom HTML and CSS, you will get a live preview of your form without waiting for seconds.

And also here the add-on generally comes with a set of shortcodes and also add a field section right to your forms too. Function codes are also used to simply insert forms in your publications and pages as well.

Some of The Key Features:

  • ProfilePress Form Builder:

It comes right with-in TinyMCE editor right for building the login, registration, and password reset, along with edit-profile forms and the front end profile too.

  • Developer Friendly:

Just to know you here the code is clean and fully commented right with a number of hooks and filters for simply extending the plugins.

  • Shortcode Builder:

Now anyone can easily construct the various ProfilePress shortcodes and simply insert them in order to form the designs code area simply by using the built-in shortcode builder.


  • Expressive Tags:

This plugin also has the intuitive and expressive shortcodes tags simply for crafting your own login, registration along with the password reset and many more in a row.

  • CSS Code Area:

This plugin generally comes with a built-in code area simply for writing CSS stylesheets in order to design and style the login, registration along with password reset too. And you can simply do the front-end profile form as well in the front-end user profile.


  • Easy To Use:

If you have some sought of experience with HTML then you can use this plugin easily. And if you don’t know how to code then you should use the stunning ready to use templates.

  • Live Preview:

Here you can also have the preview of the login, registration, and password reset along with front-end profile forms as well. Also, the user is available in the real-time as shown in the forms that are being coded and designed.


  • Quick Setup:

Here the Profile Press is one of the quick and easy to get up running and instant setup. Anyone can easily set up this plugin in minutes.

Social Integration

Now anyone can easily integrate social functionality right to a user profile simply by using ProfilePress. At first, you’ll need to provide the necessary information right about the social application setting page. And here these features will allow the user to register or simply login right with any social profile of their choice as well.

Just to let you know that adding the social login right to your WordPress website is super easy and one can easily achieve all of these rights without having any prior knowledge.

Pricing Plans Offered By ProfilePress: Discount Coupon Code Upto 20% OFF 

The best part that I liked most about this platform is its pricing plans and its quite flexible and affordable. This plugin also offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and that’s quite interesting.


If you somehow not satisfied its services then you can get your money back within 30 Days. Let’s find out what plans they are actually offering:

Personal ($69/Yearly)

  • All official Add-Ons
  • All Official Themes
  • Product Updates
  • Email & Forum Support
  • For 1 Website
  • All Core Features Included

Business ($99/Yearly)

  • All official Add-Ons
  • All Official Themes
  • 3 Pro Add-ons
  • Product Updates
  • Email & Forum Support
  • For 3 Website
  • All Core Features Included

Developer ($199/Yearly)

  • All-Pro and Official Add-Ons
  • All-Pro & Official Themes
  • Product Updates
  • Email & Forum Updates
  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited website
  • All Features Included

Ultimate ($599/One Time Payment)

  • All-Pro and Officials Add-Ons
  • All-Pro and Official Themes
  • Lifetime updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited Websites
  • All Core Features Included

Why One Should Choose ProfilePress Over Other Platforms?

ProfilePress is one of the best user management plugins. This is what developers intend to add constantly add-ons to features.

The Tools page provides more additional information about the user functions of ProfilePress. You can simply enable it here so that users can connect to the email address of their EMNO users. You can also enable one of the smarter plug-in features as well.


This is what called as a global administrator password. This is a password connector for each administrator of a user account that generally uses an administrator password.

If you do not like the spam then the ProfilePress reCAPTCHA provides built-in functionality that allows receptionists against wrestling and it prevents you from frauds.

Other unique features for visitors, the ability to host such newly registered users, the customizable password to reset the word or the email of users.

ProfilePress is different from other platform and versatile too The most popular platforms are the BuddyPress and WooCommerce extensions for them. It is designed to integrate EASILY in its complements in order to provide the best results.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: ProfilePress Review Discount Coupon Code Upto 20% OFF 2021

If we compare this plugin to other user management plugin then it really stands apart from the competition. Basically, it’s a new plugin and strive to provide better services to its customers.

This plugin is the complete solution that will help you to simply customize the user experience of your website regard to your customer account. 

The features and the functionality offered by this plugin is easy any and reliable. You can install the plugin easily and get started with it right away. The best part that I liked most about this plugin is that it offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Now you don’t have to risk anything at all you can get your money back if you don’t like its services.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to tell is how you manage the visitors of your website or blog, drop a comment below.

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